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There is currently no statewide CRAF training program available for enrolments.

For further information on training opportunities on family violence, violence prevention and violence against women and children, please go to the family violence practitioner website: The Lookout



Family violence is a devastating crime that should not be tolerated in our community. It remains the leading contributor to preventable death, disability and illness in women aged between 15 and 44.

The Victorian Government is taking action to address family violence through investingĀ  significantly inĀ  building an effective response to violence against women.

The development of the Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework is a significant step forward in increasing the safety of women and children experiencing family violence.

The framework was developed in consultation with Victorian family violence service providers, police and courts and based upon international research. It is the linchpin of the integrated family violence service system in Victoria. It provides a common language for all agencies to talk about risk assessment and promotes a shared understanding of the issues underpinning family violence.

The Royal Commission into Family Violence has recommended a review of the current CRAF training. This review will be undertaken during 2016/2017 with a new program becoming available in December 2017.


A key aspect of the implementation of the framework has been the development of a suite of training materials and a statewide rollout of this training, commonly known as the Common Risk Assessment Framework (CRAF) training.

This is to instigate a shared understanding of family violence and a common approach to the assessment and management of risk as a critical aspect of a new, integrated approach to family violence in Victoria.

Training sessions are available for specialist family violence service providers, professionals who work in mainstream services who may encounter and work with people who experience family violence and other groups and organisations who may work with women experiencing family violence.


A suite of training materials has also been developed to support the implementation of the Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework. These are also available on this website to download.


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